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Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Our Design Concept

THE EXHIBIT is intended as a stylised journey: conjuring up fond memories of warm, summer days, travelling through the country villages and  seaside of the Mediterranean.

the 'inside’ represents

AN ENCLOSED COURTYARD with central feature of a spectacular  floral ‘fountain’ rising out of a ‘pool’ with an octagonal ‘stone’ surround.

A FLORAL FOUNTAIN with open, cascading character in mainly shades of blue, green and white flowers represents a cooling fountain, spilling into a pool using tight flowers/foliage creating ‘watery’ ‘ripples’and ’lily pads’.

HIGH WALLS separate the courtyard from the outer landscape (accessed via archway) and the vertical surfaces are clad in flowers and foliage (as if an old ivy covered wall). Arched windows allow glimpses through to landscape beyond.

OUTER BEDS represent Mediterranean beach holidays, sea and sand with waves of blue and yellow flowers & plants.

FIGS in 3 large terracotta pots in corners frame the courtyard.

Pots of peony, sunflower and sempervivum surround the courtyard.











 ‘STONE’ ARCHWAY covered in flowers leads to the ‘courtyard’, with side access to the landscape

A gently meandering gravel path with informal edge, winds through the vegetation

Specimen trees: upright Italian cypress, Olives and Citrus give height and structure.

A grove of mini Citrus calamondin peeks out from behind the olive.

Signposts show the way to the courtyard


It's very tiring building an exhibit in a week!