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Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Our Design Concept

Vibrantly coloured, the exhibit is split into four sections and features cut flowers and potted plants from the UK, Europe, Africa and South America.

There are 33 main flower groups in 77 different varieties featured on the exhibit.




4 L-shaped tiered units evoke a vibrant street market stall with a checkerboard of densely presented colourful cut flowers, rising up to a ‘shop counter’ laid out with vases/jugs displaying the individual flowers & potted plants in a more traditional way.

The central square is enclosed with 4 large palms in giant terracotta pots, giving a sense of enclosure but allowing views through to the central display.

CENTRAL DISPLAY: evokes a communal meal with a table ‘laid’ as if for a street party. Bowls, jugs, plates, glasses etc. are set out and flower arrangements used to represent the food. The bottom tier represents the seating set with ‘cushions’ made from flower arrangements.

In the centre a floral totem pole rises up to 3.5m as the focal point of the exhibit.



The giant floral totem pole is the focal point of the exhibit