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Garden Consultations
Not everybody wants or needs a complete garden design, yet there may be areas of the garden that are in need of advice or direction. We understand this and for many years have offered Garden Consultations: we will come to your garden and give advice, suggestions and information on any aspect of the garden that needs improvement. We can advise on layout, planting suggestions, plant and lawn care, hard landscape, ponds, irrigation or lighting, anything to help get the most out of the garden.

We offer a two-hour Garden Consultation for £120 including VAT. Additional hours are charged at £50/hour. If the meeting is more than 10 miles from our Surbiton base we charge travelling expenses at 50p per mile.

Written Reports
We can also prepare a written report, summarizing the ideas, suggestions and advice discussed at the consultation. Generally, this individual report would cost £150, although, if additional work or research were involved, costs would be greater.

Group Consultations
Groups of friends, gardening clubs, residents associations etc. may wish to talk about a communal garden project or planting design, management or development of a shared area.

Design studio at RBG Kew

We are very happy to advise for these. Costs for these consultations would be higher, typically £150. They may require a preliminary visit to familiarize ourselves with the site.

Demonstrations, Talks and Workshops
John has many years experience in teaching and lecturing and is happy to give demonstrations or talks to small groups (5-10 people) about many different areas of garden design or horticulture. Subjects include: an Introduction to Garden Design, Planting Styles, Successful Front Gardens, as well as demonstrations of pruning techniques, or practical plant care sessions. Costs for a half-day session, at the client's venue, would typically be from £300.