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Care of Decking and Stone Paving


Decking and stone paving areas need regular sweeping and cleaning to prevent the build up of dirt and algae, which can make the surfaces slippery. Wash gently with brush or sponge to remove bird droppings etc. Avoid using detergents near ponds. Very dilute Ecover would be suitable.

Decking and stone paving can be power washed 2-3 times a year as necessary with an oscillating brush attachment.

However, care must be taken to avoid spraying power washer directly at pointing as it can damage this.

Care should also be taken to avoid water getting into electrical fittings; do not point the spray attachment at or near fittings as the high water pressure can force water through the weatherproof seals and cause earth leakage or damage to the garden supply.

Note: Regular gentle cleaning is the most effective method to protect stone and decking.


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