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Climbers and Wall Shrubs

Regular Maintenance

Training climbers:
During the summer climbers make long extension growths, these should be trained out in a fan shape or horizontally as soon as they appear over the strained horizontal wires or trellis, to fill up the spaces allotted to them. Any stems that cannot be tied in or grow beyond what is desirable should be removed.

Once the framework of stems is trained out in the space required, it is intended that the plants should clothe the walls/fence with a draping curtain of foliage and flower. If the plants become too vigorous and start intruding onto other plant spaces they can be trimmed back during the growing season. Otherwise, they only need pruning when they outgrow the space allotted to them. Cut out old and weak growths and thin out and shorten the remaining shoots by up to two thirds to a framework well within the space you want them to occupy.


Climbing roses:
A permanent framework of long extension growths should be trained out, trying to keep them horizontal ( to encourage flowering). In years to come, new shoots can be incorporated into the framework and older less vigorous stems can be removed. Plants will flower on short spurs off the main stems which can be pruned back to 2/3 buds after flowering.

Training wall shrubs
A fan shaped framework of branches should be established tied into wires and eventually allowed to grow above the top of the fence. Pruning is intended to maintain two-dimensional habit, maintain vigour and promote flowering.

New shoots should be regularly tied into fence and forward pointing or badly placed shoots removed.

For early flowering shrubs such as Ceanothus, flowers are initiated late summer and buds over winter to flower late spring into early summer. Major pruning should therefore be undertaken straight after flowering. Prune each year back to a framework well clothed in foliage. Light pruning of non-flowering growth may be undertaken in spring.

N.B. If climbers and wall shrubs are not properly trained out during the growing season, they will quickly become tangled and choke themselves and other plants


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