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We pride ourselves in our construction. Whilst the design is obviously very important, the success of the garden is hugely influenced by the quality and accuracy of its' interpretation on the ground.

As we build most of the gardens that we design we appreciate the construction of a garden from both the designer's and the landscape contractor's point of view. We try to make the transition from drawing board to building site to finished garden as seamless as possible. When we design a garden we are aware of the constructional implications of what we propose. As we build a garden we understand what the intention of the design is.

Over the years we have become experienced in many aspects of hard landscape construction using a wide range of building materials.

Garden construction

Our full time landscape team forms the core to any construction project but we will bring in others to support us where needed including bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

The construction techniques are very important. Through experience we have established the strongest, neatest & most reliable way to build things. This includes the base we lay on, the stone or brick bond we use and the way the work is pointed.

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