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Design Fees

Initial Meeting
Initially, we meet a new client at their home and walk around their garden (or building plot) with them. This meeting is a very important stage. Getting to know the client, learning as much about them as possible and understanding what they want from a new garden is essential in order that the garden we create is successful.

Equally importantly, the client needs to get to know us: how we approach the work, what we have done before and what initial thoughts and ideas we would have for their garden.
At this meeting we can also discuss what the design will cost and what sort of budgets may be appropriate to spend on the garden.

Design Costs
Following the meeting we will send a Fee Letter setting out the costs of each stage of the design process. We try to be as flexible as possible, giving options for more or less detailed proposals. Each stage is priced separately and the client can choose how far they wish to go.

Our Fees for a small town garden start at around £400 with detailed proposals for an average suburban garden costing between £800 and £1200. Larger country gardens are not necessarily much more expensive as they tend not to have the intensity of detail of the town garden.

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