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Feeding and Composting

Seasonal Maintenance
The soil has been conditioned with Mushroom compost prior to planting. It is not necessary to add any more fertilizer in the coming season.

Annual Composting
In future years an application of bulky organic matter such as Mushroom compost, well rotted horse manure, or garden compost should be spread out to a depth of approx. 5cm over all planting areas in winter (after all foliage and leaves have died and been removed). Nutrients will be slowly released into the soil and earthworms will incorporate the organic matter.

NB. Do not apply compost when soil is frozen.

There is no substitute for feeding and soil conditioning your garden with bulky organic compost that not only provides a slow release food for plants but also improves the texture, air circulation, moisture levels and drainage of the soil

Compost Heap
The inclusion of a compost heap in the garden is very important. Valuable organic matter can be created from kitchen and garden waste and the amount of rubbish being put out for the dustmen or taken to the dump is greatly reduced. Where space allows we advise that two wooden compost bins are used.

Nearly all arisings from the garden can be composted successfully: dead leaves, grass cuttings, non-woody herbaceous prunings and deadheadings, woody material up to 1.5cm diameter that is chopped up, annual weeds without seed heads, uncooked fruit and vegetable kitchen compost, tea bags, egg shells, dead pot plants, old soil from plant pots etc. Corrugated or brown cardboard torn up can also be used.

NB. Do not compost perennial weeds or lawn cuttings if you have recently applied a broadleaf weed killer.

For optimum decomposition there should not be too much of any one arising and the compost should be well mixed and kept moist. Periodically trample down to consolidate and help break down of material. With two heaps compost can be better managed with one heap decomposing whilst the other heap is being filled

In the autumn, remove sides and dig through to the bottom, removing composted material (looks like Xmas pudding) to beds in garden. Replace uncomposted material in heap.

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