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Irrigation Systems

If we have installed an automatic irrigation system in your garden, this comprises gear driven pop-up sprinklers in the lawn to water the grass and 'soakahose' (a continuously perforated pipe) buried just below the soil surface in the planted areas. The soaker hose is broken down into several areas or zones to allow individual control of water needs in different parts of the garden and to make best use of the available flow of water.

A 6-zone programmer controls the irrigation system. The instructions for use are with the programmer. We will have set the programme for the current watering requirements. You will need to familiarize yourselves with operation of the programmer, be aware of the varying needs for water throughout the year and change the programme accordingly. As the seasons change and as plants become established the requirements for water will vary:

arrow During the main growing season the programmer should be set to water alternate days and the duration of watering adjusted for each zone to meet the individual needs of the garden.
arrow In a prolonged hot dry spell the programme should be reset to water every day.
arrow In prolonged wet weather the programme should be turned to OFF and restarted when the ground dries out.
arrow In the spring, autumn and even mild dry spells in the winter it may be necessary to run all or part of the water cycle.

Maintenance of Irrigation Systems
The irrigation system will give many years of reliable service assuming it is carefully maintained and correctly run.


At the Programmer:

arrow two batteries that will last at least 12 months run the programme and display.
arrow Ensure that battery and mains supply are working (Low battery warning indicator or blank screen show failure).
arrow Ensure programme is correctly set for the desired watering regime.

In the Garden:


arrow Ensure that the stopcock is turned off in the autumn and turned back on in the spring.
arrow Ensure soakahose is not damaged or broken. This may occur through action of animals: especially foxes or by physical damage with a garden fork or spade.
arrow Ensure pop up sprinklers are not fouled by vegetation -especially seasonal planting that will limit the range of water.
arrow Garden should be regularly inspected to ensure that watering system is working effectively.

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