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Moving Forward

The finished plans are a means to an end. Building and planting the garden is the next step.

Clients may choose to make the garden themselves, perhaps with help from their gardener or builder. In this case we are happy to offer further advice and guidance charged for on an hourly basis. We are also happy to source garden features or to supply the plants for the garden.

In other cases clients may wish to use local landscape contractors to do the work. We can help in the selection of contractors and supervision of the contract again charged for on an hourly basis. Our itemized budgets can be used as a basis for comparison of the contractor's prices.

In the vast majority of cases Sallis Chandler build the gardens we design. Having established a rapport with the clients it seems preferable to follow through and make the designs a reality.

We have a small full time team of highly experienced and qualified landscape gardeners with a broad range of skills and very good relations with local bricklayers, electricians, carpenters and plumbers who we bring in to help us when needed. John, Edward, Gavin or David are always on site with the team.

If we build the garden our budgets are reproduced as Estimates with simple Terms and Conditions to form the basis of our contract. We provide start dates and duration of work, which we try very hard to stick to. Once started, we make every effort to work continuously on site unless weather conditions mean that work would be spoilt if we continued.

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