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1. Planting

Our horticultural training, keen love of gardening and years of experience have taught us how plants grow in many different garden situations, which plants are reliable, pest and disease free, free flowering, stay looking good and long lived.

It is crucial to consider the planting as a whole entity, not just to plant individual specimens without reference to the whole planting scheme. Regardless of the style of planting, we always try to establish a structural framework of plants, using specimen trees, shrubs, climbers and hedges to provide year round interest and which will give a permanent structural backdrop to other, more decorative, but often more ephemeral plants.

We consider the use of plant associations the key to successful planting design. Not only do we choose plants that are happy to grow together, but whose flowers, foliage and habit, complement or enhance their neighbours, planting in groups to achieve a layered effect and extend the season of interest throughout the year.

We always listen to our client's likes and dislikes and try to be sympathetic to these. However, it is also important to choose the right plants for the particular situation: sunny, shady, dry, and moist etc. so that the plants stand the best chance of thriving and successfully establishing.

There are many different choices and styles of plants, and as gardens grow the relationships between plants change and aftercare of the garden needs to take this into account, the planting evolving and changing over the years.

Planting   Planting Planting
Gazebo and terraces Clipped box and gravel A gateway to a secret garden
Planting Brick Paved Courtyard Planting
Informal clipped hedge The Stanley Urn Delphiniums, Clematis and Roses
Planting Planting Planting
A view from inside Rosa Ballerina and
Lavender Hidcote
Path through flowers
Planting Planting Planting
Rose, Flax, Euphorbia
and Dicentra
Climbing Roses and Jasmine Roses and Delphiniums

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