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2. Play

Gardens that are fun for kids don't have to be just plastic play equipment in the middle of a muddy lawn. We have created many ready-made and bespoke playhouses, sand pits, slides and tree houses, which positively enhance the environment. For budding footballers, artificial turf can be hard to tell from the real thing.

As parents ourselves we are committed to the garden being a place for all the family to enjoy and have designed and built a wide range of bespoke play equipment.

We can also adapt and paint readymade items to make distinctive and individual pieces at a very reasonable cost. Raising a playhouse off the ground makes it seem more intriguing and painting it makes it feel special. Adding a slide makes it more exciting. Building in a sandpit under the playhouse adds to the fun, especially if a tap or pop-up sprinkler is included so that the sand pit can be flooded!

Play   Play Play
Raised jungle playhouse Raised playhouse with
slide and sandpit under
Sunken trampoline
Play Play Play
Bespoke treehouse Playhouse hidden in bamboo Raised playhouse with spiral slide
Play Play Play
Detail of Playhouse Tiny Wendyhouse
Raised playhouse in bamboo
Play Play  
Raised pebblegrey playhouse Raised playhouse with cargo net

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