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The Design Process

Survey and Site Analysis
Once commissioned, we carry out a detailed survey of the garden, recording buildings, existing layout, plants and features. It is important to get this right.

We also record factors such as aspect and exposure, good views and bad views, strengths and weaknesses of the plot and its surroundings. We prefer to do this survey and site analysis ourselves. It is important part of getting to know the garden.

Concept Plans and Price Guidelines
The drawn up survey forms the basis on which to prepare initial design ideas. A straightforward garden and clear client brief may only need one concept plan but we often work on 2 or 3 layouts allowing us to explore different design ideas and styles.

Concept plans show proposed layouts and features to scale and a suggestion of the structure and composition of planting but without going into so much detail that there is little room for discussion or variation.

They establish a style or character for the garden and are important to continue a dialogue between our clients and ourselves. Sometimes the concept plans are right first time. Often we need to make revisions or even look at the design afresh before moving forward.

We feel it is most important that everything offered in a drawing has a cost attached to it. We always prepare itemized budgets from as early on as possible, so that, alongside an attractive scheme, we establish an appropriate cost.

Based on feedback from our client we prepare a Masterplan for the garden in which we show the design in a greater level of detail. This will usually include full planting proposals and hard landscape details. In more complex gardens these may be shown on separate detail drawings. Along with the Masterplan we prepare a Plant Schedule - a list of plants used and their sizes, and a detailed budget for the work.

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