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We are increasingly conscious of the need to conserve water and the plants in your garden have been selected to suit the natural soil type and climate; in many cases drought tolerant species are favoured. However, until plants become established and their roots tap into soil water they are very susceptible to water stress (drought) and during this period adequate watering is essential. Establishing a good deep root system by careful watering in the short term will promote healthy, drought tolerant plants in the long term.

Areas of new turf are as vulnerable to drought as new plantings initially, but obviously establish more quickly. Sufficient watering in the early part of the season, if the weather is dry, will help to speed establishment.

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Water Requirements
Watering is a key factor in the successful establishment of new plantings and turf. The best indicator of whether a garden needs watering is to stick your finger several inches into the soil close to where plants are growing, as the surface condition of the soil can be deceptive. If the soil is dry a few inches down then it needs watering. It is advisable to test the soil in different parts of the garden as different areas can have very different needs; you will find some areas always seem to dry out whereas others are always damp. Modify watering according to each area's needs as blanket watering can lead to water logging and plants can suffer as much from this as from drought. This is especially true of areas with silver foliaged plants that dislike being over watered.

For areas without irrigation systems, regular watering during dry periods should be carried out using either a reciprocating or raintower sprinkler. Where use of a sprinkler is unfeasible, use a gently running hose around the base of each plant. The garden should be thoroughly watered for approximately 20-30 minutes on each area, ensuring that no areas are missed. In hot, dry weather the garden will need watering 2-3 times a week, especially during the first season after planting.

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