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Why Design a Garden

Not everyone has the time or skills to develop a coherent and successful design idea for themselves and sometimes clients have become too close to their garden to allow them to step back and look at it objectively. The design process allows us to develop a clear creative strategy for the garden forming a dynamic, coherent design and creating a strong visual & physical connection between the house and garden.

Existing Gardens
A new design for an existing garden is a chance to pause and reflect on what you already have and to think how you might improve upon it; how it could suit your needs better and how you may create a distinctive character or style for it.

New Gardens
A design for a new garden gives us a chance to explore the potential of the garden before committing too much to physical exertion or financial expenditure.

Planning Issues
Increasingly landscape and garden design are an important requirement of the planning process. We are very experienced in submitting Planning applications and gaining permission.

garden plan
elevation drawing

We often work with architects and other professionals and our designs form an essential means of communication of ideas and in gaining permission to do the work.

Local authorities are increasingly requiring submission of full hard and soft landscaping proposals as a condition of planning approval. Nowadays Planning permission is often needed for boundary treatments, garden buildings and raised decks or platforms in the garden. Listed properties or those in conservation areas have additional planning restrictions.

In addition, many front garden designs with hard standing for vehicles now need Planning permission to conform to new regulations for SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems), as well as boundary treatments and work near to trees.

Building a New Garden
Building a new garden can be a costly and labour intensive process. The design helps to get it right. It gives you a clear guide as to what needs to be done and if others are to be involved in its construction then the design will be used for obtaining estimates and will form the basis of a contract.

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